Our Gin

We began making our delicious gins in 2016 using only the best ingredients from all over the world and alembic copper pot stills from Portugal.

The botanicals we use include Juniper, Pink Pepper corn, coriander and star anise we also use natural products to clean the stills after use.

Copper pot Still
One of our Copper pot Stills

As i am more inclined to drink whisky than gin the design of our 40% Bluestone Gin had to have some decent flavour, and this was achieved along with a smooth tasting profile which goes great with good tonic, ice and a bit of lemon, orange or lime.

Bluestone Gin

You can even add Strawberries and make your own pink gin.

And so Bluestone gin was born which now comes in three delicious fruit flavours, Chuckleberry and vanilla, Strawberry and pink peppercorn & Rhubarb and Saffron.

4 Bottles of Bluestone Gin

You can find our Delicious Gins at markets and and events, online and soon in our Brewery shop.

Bluestone Strawberry Fruit Gin

All our Bluestone Fruit Gins are made with Real Fruit, this is the amount of Strawberries in every 700ml Bottle of our Strawberry and pink peppercorn fruit gin.